Sunday, March 21, 2010

babies and baby blue bikes

So I obviously haven't been blogging much these last few months. One of my reasons is this little cutie - who is now six weeks old.

The new baby and an early spring here in central Ontario has got me in a "spring cleaning" frame of mind, and one outcome of this is that I'm going to sell my road bike, and not having much time for this, I'm going to sell it through a bike-saavy friend in Toronto. Contact him at duncanvolk [at]

A dozen pictures are viewable in a set over at Flicker. I'll provide a couple here though as well:

The specs are still viewable in the Trek Bike Archives. Look for the 2006 Road bikes, and then the Trek 5000. This link should get you there.

Before I forget - this is a 54cm frame.

The differences, as the pictures at Flickr will demonstrate, are these:
Wheelset - Easton Circuit
Tires - Front: Specialized Pro / Rear: Michelin Orion
Brakes - Ultegra
Front Derailleur - Dura Ace
Bar Tape - Specialized Gel tape (called S Wrap I think)

Although there is an old Selle Italia saddle on the bike in the pictures, I'm going to put the stock Bontrager saddle back on for the buyer. The Italia is my beaten up old favourite saddle.
Also - the current pedals are Time Impacts. I'd rather keep them, but if the buyer doesn't have his/her own pedal system and wants the Times, I can sell them and my cleats for an extra $30.00 bucks or so.


Here's the brief story:

I bought the bike in April 2008. It was originally owned by another central Ontario cyclist who told me he'd taken the Shimano gears off the bike and ridden it with SRAM parts. After I bought it, I had my local bike shop do various things - replaced the wheelset with Easton Circuits, which are high up in the "value" range of road wheels. They were often sold anywhere from $400 to $600.00 a set by themselves. I had the bikeshop redo the bartape for me, and at one of my visits they offered me a good price on the Dura-Ace front derailleur which is now on the bike, and I took them up on it.

That's how the bike came to be fairly differently spec'd from what you'll see on the Trek site. To my mind all these changes are upgrades - especially the wheels (and I guess the front derailleur).

The mileage is hard to guesstimate. I've had it for two summers and really only rode it maybe 10 to 12 times a summer at the most, and not being in shape anymore those would have been 30 to 60km rides at the maximum. I can't vouch for how much mileage was put onto the bike by the guy before me.... but since he rode SRAM gears, and since I changed the wheelset... any mileage put on by that guy really only refers to the frame and fork etc... not the parts which usually suffer from the most wear and tear.

There are a few reasons I'm selling, primarily:
a) at 5'7 I've always been at the low end of people who could ride 54cm frames. My previous two road bikes were both 54s, but this Trek is a bit different and a bit too big for me. As I see myself getting older and less fit, the size problem will just get worse and worse.

b) With the new baby mentioned above I don't think I'll really need a road bike for a few summers. I mainly find myself reaching for my 'cross bike these days anyway, and so I figured I'd sell while the bike is still fairly new and I could get a respectable price for it.

One more note: see post below for a review from Bicycling Magazine for the 2004 model of the Trek 5000.


geoffrey said...

Congratulations! Another stubborn cyclist in the fold is a good thing!

I'm having difficulty with your fit issues. Can you compare crank lengths? What about reach? Swapping out stems to something shorter would be a cheap fix.

But, umm ..

Urban Environmentalist said...

Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! :)

Susanne said...