Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Ride to AND from Oshawa

I guess I should have known I was in trouble when I had to start leaving stuff behind (digital camera, soap) because I couldn't fit everything I needed into my backpack. Until my office becomes available, I'll have to be carrying everything I need on my back every day - including shoes, change of clothes, lunch etc. And the difference between my non-backpack practice rides, and Wednesday's backpack laden commute was huge. I did the commute to Oshawa both ways on Wednesday, and it was t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e. I left at 5:30a.m. and got there at about 8:05, so at least I got to work on time. However, I was beaten by the biggest hill on my ride and had to commit that heartbreaking sin of cyclists - unclipping and walking up the slope.
I wasn't too bad at work during the day, which I think means that the one-way trip will be bearable, but my ride home was just death. You know those long rides when absolutely nothing is enjoyable? The road is too bumpy, you've got a headwind the whole time, your legs are dead and every slight incline makes you tumble down further into a "negative energy" state. The country roads I started on were bearable, but from Steeles all the way back into town was just me gritting my teeth and guiding the bike home and trying to tune out the roar of cars all around me.

Cars. Grrr.

So when I got home at 7:40pm ( I left Oshawa at roughly 4:45 I think) I threw some food into my tummy and went to bed (waking around midnight to shoo a family of five raccoons off my back patio, where they were digging into my girlfriend's potted vegetables).
Yesterday was terrible. Doing the ride to Oshawa and back is honestly beyond me right now, and I don't get my own office (and in extension get to leave shoes/clothes at work so that I don't have to carry them, and get to leave my bike at work overnight) for another two weeks.
Because I'm a moron I'll probably attempt the round trip commute a few more times, but in reality this great adventure won't really start until I get my office.

I'm hoping to do a sprawlurbia post soon... I feel a need to vent about cars and the suburban nightmare they've created. More soon!


Tanya said...

Congrats on finishing the round trip commute! I'm sure after the horrible day you had most people would have hopped the bike on the GO train on the return trip. But its always much more fun sticking to ambitious goals :) Does your commute bike not have any holes to put on a rack for carrying the stuff off your back?

Tuco said...

Nope, the road bike is simply a road bike, not a touring bike with panier capacity.

Karen Stilwell said...

Tomasini, you are crazy!! (Although, I must say that I'm enjoying reading about your insanity, heheh). I hope you are eating. LOTS. And LOTS of carbs.

Love, Karen