Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Get MISTY - Wednesday's ride

So there was no wind this morning, a big change from the constant headwind I had on Monday. And somewhere around the Midland to Pitfield turn there was a big hazy orange sun in the sky, and I thought "Yesss... this is going to be one of those mornings I'd hoped this ride was going to give me." I.E. a long easy pedal through a gorgeously dawning day.
Well that ended on Sheppard. On Sheppard (which, God bless it, has a long bike lane during the stretch I'm on it) I disappeared into a thick soupy mist from which I wouldn't emerge for another hour and a bit when I reached work. It was so bad I stopped, put my sunglasses away in my bag, and made do with my bad eyesight in the mist. I dreaded Highway 7 more and more as I got close to it, but as it turned out I didn't have any big problems with dump trucks running me over because they didn't see me. I did a bit of "disgression is the better part of valour" riding though by doing some sidewalk/shoulder riding when I sensed that things were going to get dicey.
At the end of the day I blazed through Oshawa/Whitby to get to the Whitby Go Station on time for the 5:15 train into Union, only to ride this train for a few stops and then get kicked off because I wasn't allowed to bring my bike into the Union Station at rush hour. I had to get off at Rouge Hill, wait for the next train to show up, and take it in to Danforth Station and bike home from there.
They don't make anything easy, do they?
P.S. - this new method of getting home... biking to the Whitby Go Station and then from Danforth Station to my apartment is an extra 20km on top of the 68 km in the morning to work. Nice chunk of extra distance, but it's a pretty easy 20km.

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iNGRiD said...

Right before I got to the line about you getting kicked off the train, I was thinking "but aren't you not allowed to bring bikes on the train that time of day?".