Monday, June 19, 2006

Sussing out UOIT

Things I learned on Monday:
The Durham College gym is amazingly cheap. A one year membership (for staff) is only $66.00, though towel service is an extra $25.00. I'm slighty annoyed though because they don't let you rent lockers! I'd been planning to leave an entire week's worth of clothes in the locker at the gym so that I wouldn't have to carry a change of clothes each day.
I took the Go Train / Oshawa bus to work in the morning, and altogether it took me about 1 hr 45 minutes. On the way back though (different buses going south through Oshawa) it took me a full 2hrs 15 minutes... so my public transit option is actually barely faster than the cycling option.

By the way, I just remembered a story I read in the May "Moneysense" magazine. This teacher on Vancouver Island used to ride his bike 55km (usually through the rain) each way to school - sometimes dragging his laundry behind him on a trailer so that he could use the school's laundry machines. That's 110km's a day through likely worse conditions than I'll have down here in southern Ontario.
The title of that guy's story by the way was "How I Got Rich on a Middle-Class Salary." : )


Tanya said...

Have you thought of doing a mixed mode trip? Since you are going against the peak direction of travel you should be allowed to bring your bike on the train (if you get on at Danforth). Since buses are usually the slow part of the trip :)

Pandora said...

So you spent a full four hours commuting to and from work?? And you're going to do this for over a year? That's 51 days on the road, man. FIFTY-ONE DAYS.

Tanya said...

Ah but some people spend four hours a day commuting to work IN A CAR. that's crazy. You can't do anything else. But in a train you can read a book. On the bike you can be having so much fun you can forget how long the commute is.