Thursday, August 03, 2006

Australia gives; George amuses, the naked ride

I owe Mark a post about vegetarianism, but I haven't done my research yet. I should also talk about cycling again sometime, but for the moment here are three things to pass the time.

EnviroMission's Solar Tower Of Power


"Acting as a giant greenhouse, the solar collector will heat the air to about 100 oF (38oC) hotter than the outside air entering at the periphery, using the radiation from the sun. Acting like a chimney, the air is sucked into the tower, where it passes through a multitude of wind turbine generators clustered around the structure. The tower will cost an estimated $250 million to build, with construction expected to start in 2007 pending receiving a $75 million grant from the Australian government."

And here's George:

The last one, when he slloowwwsss knowing that he's already messed up the phrase with no hope of catching himself, is the best.

And a story about getting naked and riding (text from Maclean's) ~

A few years ago, when Conrad Schmidt, 37, was still a software engineer, he told his boss he'd forgo working Fridays in exchange for less pay. His boss agreed. Schmidt, a South African who lives in Vancouver, offset his abbreviated salary by abandoning his Jeep. With no car costs and with a permanent long weekend, Schmidt realized he was working less for more money — a eureka moment that led him to write Workers of the World Relax, a manifesto due out this month. A four-day week, argues Schmidt — now a full-time activist — would banish unemployment, reduce waste and lengthen lives. Bicycles, he says, have the same effect — particularly when ridden naked, which thousands now do on World Naked Bike Ride Day, an oil-dependency protest Schmidt started three years ago that's now gone global. Says Schmidt: "We have so many laws. One small law that people can break is they can just go ride naked in the city."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful site. Found you from your comment on Kate's site.

rigtenzin said...

I wonder how practical it is to ride naked. I'm trying to figure out how to try it without freaking out the neighbors. Maybe I can ride with clothes on to another spot, strip down and then try it out.