Friday, August 11, 2006

Toronto Waterfront - Art Installation

This is a blurb from the most recent Toronto Cycling News email -

"From August 11th to 20th in what may be the largest art installation ever in Toronto, car traffic will be replaced with bike lanes and a kilometer-long stretch of 12,000 red geraniums and a picnic lawn the length of almost ten football fields. Two four-storey sculptures built (with more than 600 bicycles) will highlight the temporary new section of the popular Toronto section of the Waterfront Trail.

On Saturday, August 12th at 9:00 a.m., the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization
Corp is inviting all cyclists to come down to the waterfront to help officially
open this extension of the Waterfront Trail. They are hoping to get anywhere from 50-100 cyclists at this event and would like everyone to meet at the bike arch at York and Queens Quay. They will have a ribbon across the arch and would like to have all of the cyclists ride through it."

I really hope this is as cool as it sounds. I have Christo's Ribbons in Central Park thing in my mind regarding this.

P.S. you can subscribe to the Cycling News emails at Cyclometer. And complete news on this event is at Quay to the City.

There was a story in the Toronto Star a couple days ago about how bike thieves are no longer worrying about cutting through your locks, but are taking a crowbar and actually breaking apart the bike post itself.

That really rocks. I'm glad there's no end to bike thief ingenuity. First bic pens, now crowbars.

I took a lot of photos on my ride today. Hopefully they turned out okay (I'm too lazy to stop and took most of them while in motion) and hopefully I'll get them up sometime this weekend. Much to my surprise, I saw gas being sold for 96.7 cents Canadian today (for international readers, gas has been around $1.08 through the summer). So I took a picture of that.

Not to scare anyone, but it's getting cold out in the mornings. I wore long-sleeves today for the first time (with my usual cycling vest) and it wasn't really enough.

And because peak oil is never far from my mind, here's a link to a manifesto on oil consumption from Chevron.


griffin said...

Wow, that art instalation sounds amazing --and very like my vision for how the streets will look post peak oil. Wish I could make the trip to see it: take lots of photos for us.

So, I may just not have had enough coffee yet this morning, but why would anyone want to seal the bike once the post was broken? Geeze, thats low.

Anna said...

Super cool are quite a committed commuter, inspiring!

Sounds like Toronto is a bit ahead of Los Angeles in terms of bike advocacy/awareness, though wouldn't be that difficult to beat us here.....sadly, for many people the fear factor of urban riding is a major deterrant.

Poco a poco, well get there, or at least have fun trying.....always hopeful to find fellow bike lovers out there, many thanks for your blog and stay stubborn!