Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight

If you're looking for The Petition - click here.

Over at BikingToronto Joe was reaffirming his vow to fight for biker's rights in the face of the onslaught of cars that we all face each day.

I'd like to hope that many more cyclists across the country will take up the torch and fight this battle as well. There's no doubt anymore (see the bottom of this post) that the planet is dying, and that cycling is one of the things that can save it. I refuse to believe that we're too lazy to try to fight this battle. It sickens me that the Conservatives have gone to Kenya for the latest talks on Kyoto trying to "renegotiate" the Kyoto terms because we can't meet our goals. We're the nation of Terry Fox. We're better than this.

As far as this petition goes - I know there are flaws with it. I know the math/logistics will be tough to figure out, I know it leaves out pedestrians' rights, I know it doesn't address penalizing drivers. But, I don't think that matters.

I think what does matter is that THIS petition is followed by another one from B.C., and then another one from Manitoba, and then another one from Nova Scotia, and etc. and etc. and etc.

We need to make the House of Parliament ring with calls for tax credits for cyclists, increased taxes on gasoline, mandatory bike lanes on any new roads that are built.

If our voices are loud enough maybe the House will start listening and some of these measures, maybe the really interesting British one, will go through.

So, no matter the flaws of this petition, I'm going to write up a second draft soon following the government's How to Petition Parliament guidelines. And then I'm going to post it on this website, and then I'm going to try to find an MP who'll present this to the House.

AND I beg someone else out there to start the next petition!

Incidentally, if you want to see how petitions are handled in the House, go to the House of Parliament Debates. In the search box just type in "petition" and you'll get some hits of Parliamentarians presenting petitions from their constituents.


Joe (BikingToronto) said...

Hi Tuco. Thanks for the link, and I'm sorry I didn't get back to your email about the petition. I know nothing about petitions other than I know I'm going to sign yours - and publicize it!

Joe (BikingToronto) said...

Oh, .. Jack Layton is my MP (Toronto-Danforth)... maybe he'll do it? :)