Thursday, November 02, 2006

What is hip?

Although I was intending this post to be all about my new bike, other things have come up that I want to talk about as well.

First - is blogger's photo upload working for ANYBODY these days? I can't remember the last time it worked for me - I've had to do all my photos through Flickr. Thank God Jenny showed me how to do that a while back, or this would be one boring looking blog.

I haven't looked through the Allderblob much before, but I did yesterday, and it was awesome. Jacob Allderdice rants pretty much the way I would if I ever wrote this blog while drunk (i.e. if I loosened up and wasn't concerned about pissing people off). I love his Ban Car Advertisements letter to the Toronto Star, especially the line about the Star's frequent "Automotive" Section when he says "why don't you just have sections called "Tobacco!" and "Firearms!" as well?"
I mean really - the smoking industry got nailed because smoking causes cancer. Meanwhile the automotive industry, which is killing the planet, gets to run around willy nilly telling us how cool their cars are - is that fair?

I saw Allerdice's website just before reading the article in the most recent Newsweek called "Putting: Detroit in the Shop" - which is about how badly the Detroit automakers are getting nailed by the Japanese. The following quote really made me laugh:

"Detroit spent 25 years copying the Camry and emasculating the American car," says Global Insight auto analyst John Wolkonowicz. "Now they need to bring back real American cars for real American people, the folks who watch NASCAR and shop at WalMart."
Hmm... i.e. not for the pussies who vote Democrat and buy locally grown produce? Concentrate on the WalMart crowd and Detroit will make a roaring comeback? rock and roll.

Incidentally - the Newsweek cover story this week is called Rethinking Iraq: The Way Forward, by Fareed Zakaria. It's a pretty thoughtful take on what the eventual Iraq pullout is going to look like.

I rode over ice today for the first time. Old habits come back quick... you slow down, adjust yourself so that you hit the ice patch in a straight line, and it's easy-peasy.

Thanks to Vertigo for this: Drive a Hummer? Click HERE!!

And I've bought a new bike! It's a 2006 Kona Dew Deluxe, which I got on sale for about $660.00 from my favourite bike shop Sweet Pete's CyclePath at Bloor and Dufferin. I wrote a full review of the bike over on Road Bike Review, so I won't go into too much detail here. It's the blue bike at the front in the photos below.
Assembled behind the Dew are the rest of the household bikes.





Anonymous said...

I don't think Allderdice writes like he is drunk! I wish I could write things as captivating as he does.

Tuco said...

Sorry - maybe I didn't word that very well. I meant that Allerdice just lays it on the line without worrying about pissing people off. I could only really do that if I was drunk (I tone basically all of my writing down).
I certainly didn't mean to imply that Allerdice writes like HE is drunk.

Timon said...

I read your review of the bike. I dislike hybrids for the same reasons. The only reason why I prefer them for riding in the city over a mountain bike is the bigger wheels. That 700mm wheel helps you maintain momentum much better than the 26" wheel. A hybrid is just a mountain bike with taller wheels.

Boris said...

I ride a '07 Dew Deluxe I bought at the end of the summer. I was worried about toe-overlap but it hasn't been a problem for me (might be the 60cm frame). I've also just put winter studded tires on it as the City of Winterpeg seems to have a policy of deliberately not clearing roads and sidewalks until after a nice, hard compacted layer of ice has developed under the weight of traffic. I think it is actually a conspiracy against cyclists and pedestrians organised by our mayor-of-the-SUV-and-the-suburb. Anyway, enough ranting.

I just have one question: who makes the rear pannier rack on yours? I've looked everywhere for a decent one for discs. I picked up and returned one by Axiom because it was awkwardly designed (IMO) and the allen-bolts seemed to be made of soft lead or something non-steel.

Keep up the good blog.

Tuco said...

My rack is by Axiom. In all honesty I just had the bikeshop put on rack and fenders when I bought it. Looking at the bolts now you're right, they don't seem to be good old steel, but so far so good. Guess I'll know when my panier flys off someday.

ludo shanker said...

thanx Mr Tuco.

The Allderblob has been made aware of your indescretion and our solicitors will be calling. In the meantime, please be advised that we are posting a link to your chillingly intelligent site on our home page, where it should appear any moment.

Ludo Shanker
(for the Allderblob)