Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Petition is up

I have posted the petition asking the feds to take steps to promote cycling as a means of transportation on a website called Go Petition. I called it Promotion of Cycling in Canada. (click the link and you'll be at the petition).

It is the second draft without corrections. Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions and comments. If it looks like I totally ignored them, these are probably the reasons:

  • I didn't want this petition to get out of hand. I.E. everything about asking the government to end the hidden car subsidies should probably go in another petition.

  • In a word - length. In the reading I've done it appears that petitions should be very short, this one is already way over it's word limit.

So please sign it if you agree with the idea. I'm probably going to leave it up collecting signatures until sometime in January. It'll probably take me that long to find an MP to read this in the House of Commons (if anyone has an IN with their MP let me know!) Plus, the House will be on its Christmas recess soon and there'd be no chance to get this read in December anyway.

If you want to, feel free to copy and paste the petition into an article and mail it to your M.P. or M.P.P. I'll probably do the same thing eventually.

I'm now going to try and shut up about this petition. I feel like I've been ranting about it too much. I can now go back to topics like how damned wet and windy it is here in southern Ontario at the moment, and how heavy my Dew Deluxe rides.


Sirdar said...

It is an interesting movement you have. I've never know about some of the things, like the British tax incentive, that you have on your gopetition site. Obviously it wouldn't work for everyone but for those that could make it work it might be a good idea. It wouldn't work for me because of where I live and work but if I could bike to work I would.

I also like the tone that you used on the petition. It wasn't demanding. You provided solutions and suggestions to help improve the situation, not just demanding that "they" do something. Good luck on your quest!!

Melissa said...

have you heard about the global orgasm thing?

Crystal said...

I just wanted to let you know that I happily signed the petition. I'm an avid cyclist, partly because I just really love cycling, but I can tell you that I don't love cycling in the winter sometimes. I bike in the winter because I don't want to be part of the oil machine. Sometimes it's hard, but I find that it helps to build character! Anyway, good on you for getting this going. I may have some sort of "in" with the federal gov't... I'll see if he's willing to help "us" out.

Dan Tinder said...

Bikes are only a half-way wimp out. You still gotta transport the bike from a factory after energy has been wasted in manufacturing it. That steel, aluminum and carbon have to be made by wasting natural resources and fossil fuel. Most are made in China in whole or part which has a horrible record on emissions and is now expected to surpass the US by 2009. So let's knock off this half-way crap, the main purpose of which is to allow certain folks to enjoy their hobby and convince themselves they are truly doing something worthwhile. Mass transit is a partial answer, but frankly, we'D all be better off on horses and going back to the way nature intended humans to be. Trash all of this artificial, man-made stuff. We are headed for hell and quick, drastic action is needed, but it seems we haven't the gonads. Half-assed measures won't work. Forget the bike!

Joe (BikingToronto) said...

Ahh, the luddites have found your blog, Tuco. :)

Tuco said...

I know, eh? Trouble is I kind of agree with him - bring on the horsies!

Martino said...

Go petition go!

Anonymous said...

If Shank's pony can be considered a horse then I guess I have one. ;)

Signed. Good luck!!