Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If I write it, will they sign?

Part of what I do at work is shuffle government publications from one place to another, and yesterday I came across the 2006 Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development. The report is entirely devoted to climate change, and the fact that I came across this yesterday was very appropriate as the Nicholas Stern report on the costs of global warming came out yesterday as well.

The 2006 Commissioner's report is basically a very tame warning that climate change is happening and that the government needs to do something about it. It was actually prepared before the Conservative government here in Canada launched their already infamous Clean Air Act. The report says something like "the new government has promised it will introduce stiff measures to fight climate change, and we will be interested to see what they deliver."
After seeing the Clean Air Act (it could be summarized with the sentence "Let's not do anything about the environment for a really long time!), that is such a funny and sad line. While the Conservatives cowtow to the oil patch, polar bears are dying.

Anyway, what interests me, is that apparently the Commissioner's reports have to summarize all the petitions which government departments have received on environmental issues, and what has been done about them.

This has got me to thinking about writing a petition. I think I'll start slow, with my pet dream of getting tax breaks for bike commuters, and I'll hopefully start enlisting people for signatures soon.

P.S. I bought a new bike. Nothing fancy, like Sascha's unbelievably sexy new Orbea!. Mine is just a hybrid to get me through the winter, but I'll take a pic and write more about that later.


Andrew said...

What kind of tires are you going to run on the hybrid? Depending on how things go I might give winter biking a try this season. I was thinking of running cross tires on my hybrid. With fenders, I can only fit 32s on the bike.

Tuco said...

You'd be fine with 30 or 32 cross tires. That's what I'll probably end up doing actually. In the past on my Hahanna I just used stock mountain bike knobbies in the winter, and it went fine.

SueJ said...

I just got a Gazelle myself to get through rainydays and it is too sleek for words.
Let's see the pics!!
Now off to write a letter of my own. we're getting a new big box store half a block from our favorite place to start group rides. It's coming whether we need it or not ... so, can we convince them that we're a big enough market share to accommodate us? Have "park and ride" options? Have something remotely resembling safe access?
Write the letter.

Vertigo said...

I was just thinking that Mr. Harper and his cronies need to extend a tax break to those who bike to work...I'll sign. Heck, maybe I'll write my own stinkin letter. Thanks for the idea.