Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Everybody makes history

The Canadian petition to promote cycling is just over 1900 names! Sign up fast and tell all your friends.

I took a few photos on my ride today, but won't be able to post them until tomorrow. In the meantime I thought I'd play along with Griffin's tag game. Griffin by the way has a super-duper awesome photo up in this post.
I don't usually do these chain email things, but Dave in Winnipeg did it, so I figured I'd play as well.

P.S. Dave's blog has a great link to the Winter Challenge Series. Basically it's a fun contest where you accumulate points for how much winter biking you do. The rules are at the bottom of the page, and number seven is this:
7. Indoor spinning, weightlifting, roller riding, swimming, etc. do not count. Be a pussy, if you must, but don't expect to be rewarded for it.

Hopefully I'll remember to play and use my commuting to rack up massive points. : )

So Griffin's game, here's how she described it:
Here's how it works:
List six weird things about yourself. Strange habits, likes/dislikes, et cetera.
Pick six victims to tag likewise. Leave comments so they’ll know what’s up.
Describe how the tagging works.
I am tagging cyclingdave, John at Bike Year, Wisteria, Trista at Accedent of Hope, Tuco, Tim at Bicycles and Iceicles.

So here are my six weird things.
a) I'm probably a bit too anal about doing the dishes, and putting out the recycling etc.
b) At home, with Annalise, I like talking like Tarzan. For example if Anna takes the jar of pecans out of my hand and says I can't have any, I'd probably respond: "Why me no have pecans?"
c) For a guy who bikes as much as I do, I'm a truly hopeless bike mechanic.
d) I get up at 4:00 in the morning. It's been a few months now, and I still have trouble believing it myself.
e) If there was an award for the vegetarian who eats the least fruit and vegetables, I'd probably win. (me eat much cereal!)
f) My biking style depends on my bike. Just before I had to retire the Cannondale in favour of the new Kona (with it's full fenders), I was taking dangerous routes home and racing and purposefully annoying guys who I thought were bad drivers. Now on the Kona hybrid, I just toddle along.

For my "tags" I'm hitting Melissa, Jenny, Sascha, Marc, Darren and Mark.

Sometime soon I'm going to do some serious research and write a post about raising gas taxes. A bit of a summary of the gas tax issue is here, and over here Terence Corcoran from the National Post will tell you why raising Gas Taxes is the worst thing in the world we could possibly do.

I really don't see how raising gas taxes isn't a win-win situation though. Even if it winds up hurting the economy, can't we argue that a slow down is a good thing?

And P.S., am I crazy or is it not vaguely discriminatory for North American society to be set up so that a motorist can feel safe going from Point A to Point B, but not a cyclist (or a skateboarder or inline skater)?

Why roads for cars only?


Anonymous said...

I can answer the last question! a) Nazi style road planning and b) there are no billionaires lobbying for better treatment for cyclists

Melissa said...

"ans every breath we drew was Hallelujah"

my friend got that tattoed on her arm. i hate her out of jealousy. lol.

Melissa said...

you tagged me! you better be glad I can't tag you back, buddy.

griffin said...

thanks for playing along, tuco. I share your reluctance to participate in these chain email things ~but Curt tagged me, and I have so much respect for him and his super cool blog, I would probably do anything he suggested ;)