Monday, February 12, 2007

At night, the ice weasles come...

I'm not really a Valentine's Day kind of guy, and rather than a quotation from Neruda or e.e. cummings I'm going to give you this one from Matt Groenig: Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra which suddenly flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.

Still, I found some cute photos to post for the occasion, and I sincerely wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

I haven't been blogging much. If anyone is curious - my job has been nuts ever since Christmas, I'm starting to job hunt seriously again (this commute between Toronto and Oshawa is insane - no matter what way I do it), and in general life has been busy. I do see blue skies on the horizon though, so hopefully I'll get posting regularly again.

Plans are afoot to get the cycling petition wrapped up, which you can still sign here if you're so inclined. It's up over 3000 signatures now.
The best article on the petition so far just appeared in Momentum Planet out of British Columbia, and I'd like to thank them for taking an interest in it.

Of local cycling news here in Toronto, there is a meeting at U of T on Wednesday night at 7:00 pm where cyclists will be asked to chime in on how Lake Ontario Park can be made a cyclist-friendly area.
Full details are on the Cycling Cog

And I just read an article in Newsweek about how George Bush associates his presidency with that of Harry Truman, who he's been reading about recently.
Apparently Bush reads quite widely, so kudos to him for that. The Newsweek article does however point out a few flaws with Bush's self-comparison to Truman, and wonders how much Bush actually understands about what he reads.

However, I found this part quite funny:
Bush's grasp of history may have been a little shaky, but there is no doubting the force of his conviction. Bush wants his legacy to be the long-term defeat of Islamic extremism. Indeed, senior officials close to Bush who did not wish to be identified discussing private conversations with the president tell NEWSWEEK that Bush's plan after he leaves the White House is to continue to promote the spread of democracy in the Middle East by inviting world leaders to his own policy institute, to be built alongside his presidential library.

So George the Shrub is going to open a policy institute. That's rich. And the centrepiece policy is the spreading of democracy in the middle-east.

George, take it from me, you've done enough harm in the middle-east while IN office. Please don't mess things up anymore while OUT of office. Go biking with Lance. Fishing with your Dad and your brother. Buy another baseball team and run another oil company into bankruptcy. That's your destiny. Not foreign policy.


Melissa said...

I'm thinking of applying for dual citizenship so I can vote here.

cyclingdave said...

the bush info is the worst news i've heard all day. i guess he's somehow confused between is follwed [as president] and should be followed [as a critical thinker or, hell just a person who can think.]

sooner or later hubris finds all.