Friday, May 18, 2007

it's not the thing you fling, it's the fling itself

I've heard Ann Coulter's name before, but always in a vague way, and aside from thinking she was a commentator on U.S. politics, I didn't know anything about her. I came across this video on You Tube which is a splice of a Fox News segment where Coulter calls Canadians ungrateful for not supporting the Iraq war, and says that we're lucky that America hasn't crushed Canada yet. The second part of the video is Bob McKeown from CBC's Fifth Estate interviewing Coulter and setting her straight about how we hadn't gone into Vietnam with the U.S. either.
I was initially quite pissed with the viewpoint Coulter presented - i.e. Canadians are babies who are lucky that they have America's nuclear shield protecting them and we'd better be thankful. But as I researched Coulter a bit more I realized that she makes a living spouting the "uber-republican" crap that Steven Colbert pretends to spout in his Colbert Report. If she didn't throw about insults like that she wouldn't have a job, so realizing this I calmed down a bit.

Coulter, incidentally, is such a rabid republican that she even gets fired from conservative newspapers. The National Review fired her when she wrote a column suggesting a "final solution" to the Muslim problem: "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity".


I doubt she had any idea what she was getting into when she agreed to be interviewed by Bob McKeown either. He's a Yale graduate, spent many years with CBC but also spent five years with CBS where he covered the first Iraq war for them, also spent eight years with Dateline NBC, and for God's sake - he's even won a grey cup!

Anyway, it was nice seeing a very polite, competent, dignified CBC dude looking this imbecile straight in the eye and saying "No, you're wrong."

I noticed recently that two American democrats are supporting a Bike Commuter Act in the States. It appears to ask for something similar to what we recommended in our (now closed) petition from a while back - according to Bicycling magazine "the Act would change the definition of transportation in the tax code to include bicycles, allowing bike commuters to receive a benefit of up to $110.00 a month."
More information is available on Congressman Earl Blumenauer's website.

I keep monitoring the House of Commons debates waiting for our petition to be presented. Nothing yet however. I did see Olivia Chow presenting a petition on the heavy truck side guards issue however.

anyway, I'm off to Bancroft for the long weekend. I probably won't fling any pianos through the sky, but you never know.