Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Walden, or, Life in the Woods

Here's the long weekend report from Bancroft - and all these pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them and going to the flickr site (and if you want a really big image, click on the little "All Sizes" icon that you'll see above the photo on the Flickr site).

I got in one bike ride with my sister. We did the old ride out to Bay Lake. When I'm home in the summer and have a bike with me I do a long ride well past Bay Lake, and then on the way back jump into the water here to splash around.
This is my brother Matthew keeping his eyes open for the deer that we startled not too far from the house. We heard the deer crash away through the bush, but never actually saw him.
This is our little version of Walden Pond. If you're on the main hiking trails back behind our house, this pond is a wee bit hidden so only a few locals know it is there. I always expect to come down to the pond and see a moose or deer standing there, but I never have.
There used to be a railroad line up through Bancroft to Algonquin Park. Before I was born they pulled up the railroad ties and all that was left was a long trail through the central Ontario forest. Growing up I used to jog along this trail and it was gorgeous. Now, unfortunately, the 4-Wheeling groups use all these trails and it can be rare to have a nice quiet moment on them.
And this is what happens when the guys with 4-Wheelers leave the old railway lines and detour up into the bush onto the nice hiking trails. I really don't understand the fascination with driving a noisy motorized machine through the forest. What's wrong with hiking? You get some exercise, actually enjoy the scenery, and as a bonus, you don't tear anything up!
That's my brother and Annalise surveying the mud.

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Timon said...

let's hope gas gets so expensive that people can't afford to drive for recreation in the woods!

or we should organize a critical mass on that trail and get a huge peleton that no one could even contemplate passing!