Wednesday, May 02, 2007

how come arizona hasn't gone solar

Toronto has a new cycling website at I Bike T.O.. Very well done mes amis. Hopefully the Advocacy area under Forums will get lots of use and we'll be able to get some more petitions and letter writing campaigns started and get some of Toronto's bike money spent.

I came across Real Climate recently. In the words of Choice magazine, it is a respected scientist-contributed discussion forum that aims to objectively educate and inform other scientists, the public, and the media about climate change.... a resource for anyone who wishes to be scientifically aware of the most up-to-date research and the current state of our climate.

There was an article in the Globe yesterday called Gas Prices Hike Across Country. It's about the quiet surge in gas prices recently (I say "quiet", because Canadians pay 3 to 4 times LESS for gasoline than Europeans do). So far almost 200 people have left comments on the story, and they are LOSING THEIR MINDS over this topic.
There are the lefty cyclist/peak oil enthusiasts who are saying "let the prices climb baby! WooHoo!!" and then there are the pissed off surbanites who can't quit bemoaning the fact that the oil companies are charging high prices and screwing the consumer over.
Although I know it is simply me - that I live a very odd little life - I find it really surprising how worked up all these people are about gas prices. I guess it just goes to show how much more freedom you have without a car. If you need to fill up with gas, your pocketbook is affected by rebels in Nigeria and lighting strikes on oil refineries.
If you don't own a car you can simply sit back and be amused.

And I can't believe how awesome this video and song is, and that I've never heard of
Feist before. This almost makes me believe that videos can be good entertainment again.

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Melissa said...

I hadn't seen this video before, thanks. I like her. I put her in a mix before, last fall I think. How are you anywyas?