Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Love's labour lost

I'm on Craigslist all the time these days. A lot of things catch my eye, but what I'm really hunting for is an old cheap road bike that I can tear apart and build up into a single speed cyclocross bike to leave up north at my parents' place. I should have bought a steel 1989 Nishiki that I saw a week or so back, but I was too late.

So, if anyone has a fifteen year old bike gathering dust in their basement that they want to get rid of, let me know. I ride about a 52 - 54 size road bike usually.

This ad really caught my eye today. A guy wants to trade an engagement ring for a bike. This adds a new wrinkle to that old "is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" riddle.

I.E. is it better to have loved and lost AND wrangled a $3500.00 bike out of it, than to have never loved at all?

This makes me sad. Everyone wants the earth to survive and wants their children to enjoy clean air and clean rivers, but not if it means they have to pay for it personally.

I didn't ride today because it was thunderstorming when I was leaving, and though it has turned into a half decent day, it was supposed to rain all day and thunderstorm again this afternoon. I just couldn't be bothered to ride in that much rain, so I did the full "commute by public transit" thing.

So anyway, I walked to Union Station through a lightning storm, which made me think about going to Astronomy Picture of the Day and checking out what photos they had of lightning.

P.S. - you'll have to click this photo and enlarge it to see the lightning.


Jill said...

Ann Coulter is not much more than a joke here in the U.S. Her rhetoric is so off the charts that most Republicans don't even take her seriously. But it's so inflammatory that news agencies can't help but broadcast soundbites, so we all know who she is, but few take what she says to heart.

Funny that she chose now to attack Canadians, when the war in Iraq is singlehandidly bringing down the leadership in both Britain and the U.S. Seems like now is the time to admit that Canada's politicians were the smart ones.

Simon Carr said...

Yeah old used road bikes that are decent are kinda the holy-grail of CL. They are far and few between the people who are selling real crap at much to high a price.

The dreaded eBay seems to have better deals.