Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm drunk & you're probably taking pills

It is mid-May, and I'm STILL not biking very much. I'm so embarrassed. Having a leisurely 20 minute walk to work is a blessing in many ways, but it does tend to make you keep your bikes in the basement.

I have a new plan to get back on my wheels again - instead of trying to get up in the morning, go for a ride, come home & shower etc, then walk to work, I'm just going to go for rides which end at work. Basically I'm going to be recreating my routine from my Toronto to Oshawa commute (though not with the pissed off aggression I mention in that post). Luckily I have much nicer streets and trails to ride than I did in Durham county, like the Oro-Medonte rail trail pictured above.

This morning I got on the Jamis and rode the trail south out of Orillia to a little town called Hawkstone, right on Lake Simcoe. It was a pretty gorgeous way to spend a morning.

Wow - I opened up the (print) Globe and Mail and saw a $10000.00 Cannondale in the business section - that was a surprise. So Cannondale has been bought by a stroller manufacturer, and Specialized is pissed because they think it means that Cannondales will start showing up at Canadian Tire - allowing people to pay much less for a Cannondale bike than they would for a similar Specialized bike? Is that the gist of it?
Despite the fact that I want as many people on bikes as possible, this does scare me a bit... Cannondales should be sold in bike shops, not department stores. Hmmm.... I'm an elitist... who'd a thunk it? At least I know that Canadian Tire won't be selling old Cannondales from the 80's/90's with broken derailleur hangers which have been set up as singlespeeds. Canadian Tire will never be that cool.

Searching for something else, I found a CBC Radio interview between Kevin Sylvester, James H. Kunstler, and the mayor of Mississauga (one of the sprawling suburbs of Toronto). If you go to this page, and then do the Control + "F" search on peak oil you'll find it.
It was pretty good, but will be more interesting if you're only now starting to think about the peak oil issue. If you're read the literature already this is old stuff.

If anyone cares, this is the property that my university was trying to acquire for its campus here in Orillia. There were legal problems though, so we never got it. Such a shame - don't those grounds look PERFECT for a university? Plus, this is also right beside Lake Simcoe, and we would have had a long stretch of lakefront. AND - this property is right on the rail trail.

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Veg*Triathlete said...

Steelframe Nova on the waterfront? I'm jealous. Beyond words. Sigh.