Friday, May 30, 2008

Keep adding stones

I did much the same route as mentioned in the post below, but stopped at a couple different places to take some photos.

When I've been on these morning rides south of Orillia, I'm simply reveling in the joy of cycling through forests, past lakes, along country roads, with almost no traffic anywhere near me. It makes it very easy for me to believe that nature deficit disorder (wait for ad to clear and Enter Salon link to show in upper right corner) is a very real problem.


After a bit of a break, I'm doing the Becel Ride for the Heart this weekend. I'll be doing it on the new Trek, and it'll probably be the fifth different bike I've used for this ride.

I don't know if there's anything sweeter than being up early in the morning and riding a well tuned bike along a well paved country road. I love it when you're all alone, see a small hill coming up, attack it like you're breaking away from the peloton in the Tour, and after you crest the hill you see a second one and you go "oh crap" and sit back in the saddle and start clicking your chain up to your biggest cog. Yeah, we all suck, but its still fun.

You know what I love most about the Scott McClellan / George Bush story? The response from hard-core Republicans like Karl Rove that (their formerly loyal buddy) McClellan has either a) gone insane, in which case we should pity him, or b) let a left wing blogger/ghost writer use his name to generate more publicity for a book attacking Bush.

The implication? There's no way the former Bush Press Secretary actually thinks that Bush bullied the country into an immoral war. Come On!! he's obviously insane!!! Oh there's no talking to you pinkos... where's my limo... I gotta go blow up more of the third world somewhere...

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