Monday, July 16, 2007

Falling off mountains

So I think this was Stage 8 yesterday when the riders were blazing their way down a mountain. If you just look at the pictures this is kind of funny, but if you really get into the heads of the two riders it's heartbreaking.

Anyway, Michael Rogers and David Arroyo are hurtling down a mountain. Arroyo goes into the barrier and and flies off his bike into the bush. Rogers hits him and falls to the pavement as Arroyo climbs through the bush to get back up to the road.

Now that I think of it - seems strange that Arroyo's feet came unclipped and off the pedals so easily. I doubt he had time to unclip his feet, and he obviously flew WAY over the barrier which he probably wouldn't have done if he'd still been hooked into the bike.

From the Daily Telegraph - Then came a sickening crash yesterday as [Rogers] followed the Caisse d'Epargne rider, David Arroyo, down the beautiful but horrifying descent of Cormet de Roseland at speeds of up to 65mph. Arroyo lost control and went hurtling over the barriers - mercifully the lush undergrowth cushioned the fall - and in trying to avoid Arroyo, Rogers smacked into those same barriers.

You can watch the tour highlight videos at Versus. Just click on TDF for Tour de france.

Here's the ride I do when I want to do hills in downtown Toronto. I did the ride yesterday on my Jamis with my friend Duncan. Basically go to Scarborough and do the Scarborough Bluffs hill, then come back to the Don Valley and climb the three hills near Sunnybrook, then come back south on the trail and climb out via Pottery Road. It's almost 50km and is a good workout.


Melissa said...

I traded my bike for a wig, what does that say about me? lol

Alberto said...

Amazingly Arroyo walked away like nothing happened and Rodgers Tour finished kilometers later. It was terrible to see him cry as he stepped off the bike and got into the team's car. The commentator on Spanish TV -- Perico Delgado -- past winner of the Tour -- said that the clipless pedals saved Arroyo from a terrible fall as it would be typical he said from clipless pedals to unbuckle in that type of crash. Hard to believe, ¿no? Too bad for the fall and too bad for Rodgers. A great stage otherwise. More to come tomorrow.
Do you think all the attacks were worthwhile? Lot's of energy spent for limited time gains. And I forgot to mention that Pereiro hung in there and it's early for him to do that. Sastre held as usual. Levi's also there. Silent and looking pretty good. Kloden's there and ever silent Kashechkin. This is way too open to make solid bets. If Kloden and Vino are hurt they should let Kashechkin enjoy the party.