Thursday, July 26, 2007

Barefoot gypsy

I don't really want to talk about the Tour de France. I just hope they test everyone and whittle the field down to the five or six (out of 180) riders who are actually clean, and then let them race for the title.

And though I find myself more or less bitter and angry all the time now when I'm cycling through Durham (or Mordor) I don't really want to talk about that either.

Instead I thought I'd just give you this Van Morrison classic from the Band's farewell movie, filmed by Scorsese, called The Last Waltz.

Apparently Morrison agreed to be one of the performers, but he hadn't been live on stage for years, and had been suffering from stage fright. Almost up to the second before he stepped on stage, no one knew whether or not he was going to perform (he'd been having panic attacks and kept disappearing from the building). And then when he does show up, he's wearing this purple jumpsuit.

Van Morrison in a purple jumpsuit playing live with the Band in 1978?


Alberto said...

I know what you mean. Let's just listen to good music; the Tour has been one sad symphony totally out of tune!

Hyygeia said...

Wow, that was a real treat, thanks. I've loved Van Morrison forever and had no idea what he looked like. Even in a purple jumpsuit, he pulls off a great show.

geoffrey said...

The funny thing about all the "negative" publicity is it is still more publicity for cycling and will in all probability make cycling all the more desirable by those averse to it.
The TdF is still a show. How much of this is showmanship is hard to say but Rasmussen was kicked out simply on suspicion which seems a little rich for even Dick "give me a ticket and I'll sic my wife on you" Pound (yes .. those Atlanta Olympics).
Forget the sideshow. What happens on the road is real. We've had some great racing within stages this year. Contador and Rasmussen have been great to watch. That pain on their faces is real. Those speeds are real.

cyclingdave said...

agreed. test them all.