Friday, July 06, 2007

and all this by the grace of your hand

I've been a wee bit busy, but here are a couple things:

It has become apparent that when the weather guy on 680 news mentions "unsettled weather" or "scattered showers" it means that I'm getting soaked somewhere on my bike.

I don't really know what to think about the Live Earth stuff. Raising awareness is great, but isn't the climate change story already out there? Do we need Cher and Coldplay to tell us that the earth is dying?

And these are the pledges?

I'm sure they'll help, but if Gore really wanted to get tough, he would have said "write your MPP and demand an increase in the gasoline tax" and "Go Vegetarian."

What else? Hmmm. My review of my 2006 Jamis Nova is on road bike review. Mine is the one written on July 3rd.

The Tour is on! The tour!

Go Vino!!

Have a great weekend! For part of it I'll be here!


Melissa said...

it's actually likely that if everyone did those things in the pledge it would help. People are suprisingly...or not so suprisingly... awful

Smudgemo said...

Patience, patience. You can't sell such wild ideas all at once and expect anything but ridicule. First you have to get people to realize there is a problem, then you get them wondering what they can do, the get them wanting to do, then you ask them to "suffer" for the cause. Try asking the average person to use the bus a few times a week instead of driving, and you'll usually get either excuses why that won't work.
Go Vino!

Alberto said...

Good post. Perhaps when you have a chance you can elaborate further on why you think the Jamis would make a good loaded tourer. Thanks.

Tuco said...

Loaded tourer? You must have read down into the review below mine, I don't think I mentioned the Nova as a touring bike. Though it does have the eyelets you could use for a rack.

Alberto said...

You're right, Tuco. Before I read your review I read in the description of the Jamis "and rack- and fender braze-ons make it an ideal loaded touring bike or foul-weather trainer" and I somehow made that part of your review. My apologies.

Laura said...

Sadly, the ideas attached to "Live Earth" WILL actually be news to some. And as for what Gore should have said/promoted, I think we need to think "baby steps", mon ami. The average person will want to help the planet, yes, but the truth is unfortunate; it won't be done if it is a real inconvenience to them.

Should I bother asking how much power actually went into putting on those concerts..?

Darren J said...

I was a bit frustrated to see people talking about saving the world by using recycled paper for the tickets, or buying carbon offsets, when we know that so much more is needed.

At the same time, I think it's a good thing this event is happening even if it lacks the sense of urgency.

The key is getting people to start to label themselves as people who care about this issue. Then they might start to consider what changes they can make. This is a slow process, so I bet we won't see the impact from this event for say 2 years or more. (Imagine if you want to stop driving your car to work, so you need to wait for your lease to end, then find a new place to live, buy a bike, etc.)

philosoraptor said...

I really wish that more reviews on that site were are thorough and well-balanced as yours! I have a 2003 Nova (orange) that I have used as one of my commuter bikes, as well as my training bike, including lots of climbing in the mountains, for a couple of thousand miles' worth of riding. You're right that it's not great for road racers -- but neither are many other cyclocross bikes. Still, it's a good, all-around steed and in my experience has been a great value.