Wednesday, October 18, 2006

oh to be in holland

Clever Chimp in Portland has a nice little video up in his Oct. 17 post. It's just three people on big utility bikes riding with their children. But man, it looks so peaceful and serene.
If only we all went through life this way.

My buddy Oliver, who I've known since Grade 7, and who is pictured here dressed as his alter-ego, The Flash, has a new cycling photography website at H2o photography. If you raced the recent Oktoberfest cyclo-cross race your picture is likely to be captured there somewhere.
Oli, who used to race with Lanterne Rouge and who is now recovering from a back injury is my friend who tells me things like a) "you really need a good bike" (when I owned a crappy home hardware bike) b) "you need a lighter road bike" (when I owned a heavy KHS chromoly road bike) c) "you aren't really going to sell your Cervelo are you?" (now - as I'm currently thinking of selling my Cervelo road bike).

I really really really really really wasn't happy with the all day rainstorm we had yesterday. Despite the afore-mentioned rubber boots and gloves, the rain went right through my rain jacket and cycling pants and then into my boots and gloves (on the ride home anyway). Sitting on the Go Train on the way back into Toronto yesterday afternoon I thought I was going to get hypothermia because I was wet and chilled to the bone.
I now feel it is my job in life to own Gore-Tex. Unfortunately a Gore-Tex jacket costs $300.00 canadian. Maybe my friend Smut, who built my Cannondale, can make me a good rain coat out of tires or something.

And this is too good not to post. I found it on mtb05grl's blog.


Melissa said...

Autumn in Nashville currently today at least means mid 70s. It's sort of yo yo. Last week it got down to the thirties, so who The leave change here yeah. I like the way they crunch beneath my feet. I'm glad you enjoy my mixes. I've been working on my October Mix. I think it's almost done. Hopefully it'll be up in the next couple of days. :)

Susanne said...

Do you know how many Dutch people want to emigrate to Canada?
There are lots of people here on a small piece of land. I like it, but it's not that peaceful all the time. We have a lot of bikelanes, though.I never thought about that as something special, but since I read the Canadian and American weblogs about this subject, I'm really happy with that. It is so much safer to bike here!