Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A tuesday miscellany

A columnist in the toronto star named David Bruser put out an open invitation for letters regarding the toronto transit situation. In his words - "Is there a better way? If so, the Toronto Star wants to hear about it." He can be reached at transit@thestar.ca. As only cyclists read my blog, I'd invite all of you to write in, tell him that cars are ruining the earth, and that we need more bike lanes and tax breaks for cyclists! : )

The most recent Macleans has an interesting article about the internet, and how good it actually is. Of note to bloggers is a section on the free speech allowed by the net. Blogging is good because "(the internet allows) the most participatory marketplace of mass speech that this world has ever seen."
Yet blogging is bad because, in general, people read the blogs of people who share their politics etc. Democrats read democratic blogs. Republicans read republican blogs, and cyclists read cycling blogs. Therefore we're "preaching to the choir" when we write, for example, about how terrible cars are. We're not exchanging ideas in a constructive way with people of differing viewpoints. We're just ranting.

Also interesting is this idea. The internet asks us "What would you want to know about, if you could know about anything?"
Want to know what the top ten google searches were last year?
1. Janet Jackson 2. Hurricane Katrina 3. Tsunami 4. xbox360 5. Brad Pitt 6. Michael Jackson 7. American Idol 8. Britney Spears 9. Angelina Jolie 10. Harry Potter
THAT'S what we want to know about apparently. Awesome.

And since everybody wants to make money on the net, what are the two biggest moneymakers online? Gambling and porn. As the article says, "the internet has shown us as we really are."
Maich, Steve. "Pornography, gambling, lies, theft and terrorism: The Internet sucks (Where did we go wrong?)." Maclean's 30 Oct. 2006: 44-49.

At the bike show on Saturday Annalise and I bought this little beauty for about $300.00 off KHS's suggested retail price (I love bike shows. I hate paying full price for stuff). It's a KHS Flite 200, which basically means a fast city bike, chromoly fork, aluminum frame, road bike size wheels, low end components. Annalise has been riding a heavy and old Giant Comfort Bike, and now with the KHS she should be able to kick my butt.


Timon said...

This is going to seem like a silly remark, but did the bike include the fenders? I'm only asking because when I last looked for city bikes it was impossible to buy one with fenders already attached.

It's true about people reading blogs in such a way that ideas are only confirmed and never actually exchanged.

Tuco said...

Yep, the fenders were on it, which was a bit of a bonus for us, we would have put some on anyway.
My first road bike was a KHS, so I'm kind of sentimental about this company.

Darren J said...

Sweet ride. Looks fast and practical. I used to have a KHS also, which is now my wife's. It always felt like a well made solid bike.

If you keep bringing up American Idol here, maybe non-cyclist google searches will land them here and you'll be preaching to the leity. You've probably already saved a few souls.

Tuco said...

Just in case anyone cares, the tektro components on this KHS s.u.c.k.!!!! We're already going to have to replace the front shifter.